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Jake Shears joins Jonny McGovern in the latest episode of Hey Qween!

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"It’s so crazy. We were really hoping and praying that we would get a song on ‘Glee’ at some point, because we knew Chris Colfer is a big fan of ours and we met him a couple times. That it was that song was hysterical and amazing and really, really funny. What’s really funny is that in that episode they were having an orphans’ Thanksgiving in Bushwick (located in Brooklyn, N.Y.) … and I used to live in Bushwick … and I had an orphans’ Thanksgiving once! It was like, ‘Oh my god, this is my life!’ With Sarah Jessica Parker playing me!"
Scissor Sisters’ Ana Matronic, in response to “It must’ve been a huge coup when you heard ‘Glee’ cover ‘Let’s Have a Kiki]” (x)

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Scissor Sisters live at the London O2 Arena

Scissor Sisters live at the London O2 Arena

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